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I'm a mom. And I've discovered there are only two places a mom can really think. Number One: in the shower. Number Two: in the car. This is assuming the mom is alone in both locations. Because being a mom means that no place is one's own. Not even the shower. Small fists bang on bathroom doors, 8 year olds waltz in to demand "Where's my library book?" and "I can't find my shoes!" followed by "Yes, I looked!" Bathroom time is the place to learn about your child's latest LEGO creation and to discover which level of Wii Bowling he has just completed. And if you're as fortunate as me (and you have only one bathroom in the house)...well let's just say, my bathroom can be a very SHARED space!

But sometimes, even a mom finds a moment to shower in peace. And T-H-I-N-K. This post revolves around an idea I had several months ago while doing just that. I had been thinking about how I had neglected my blog. My poor, sad, 3-entry blog that I started approximately 2 years ago. What a terrible blogger I am!  I was considering the reasons why. I was busy. I was pregnant. I was nauseous. I was tired. And then: I was busy. I had a newborn. I had a 19 month old. I had a 7 year old. I was tired. Also I felt self-important sharing my concerns about my eldest son's journey with CF and about life in general to whomever chose to read my crazy ramblings. Who wants to hear me complain?

I could think of a lot of reasons NOT to blog. And then an idea popped into my sudsy, wet head.

What if I created a "sister blog" to "Finding Hope" where I shared whatever funny, sad, inspiring, depressing moment I experienced as a mom that day AND invited other moms to participate. So it wasn't just me complaining...I mean sharing (!). Together with my friends, we could create this lovely shared space (kinda like the bathroom--Ha!) in which we divulge the moments that make up our days.

I knew this idea was probably not unique. I had to convince myself NOT to search for other mommy moment blogs out there. Because if I thought it had already been done, I'd be less likely to do it.

So here goes. I invite you, reader, to send me whatever mom(me) moment you'd like to share--and to do so on as (ir)regular a basis as you'd like. No pressure. It does not need to be perfect. I'll post it.

Being a mom is hard work. And sometimes, like my poor neglected blog, we moms neglect the very important ME in MOMMY. So my friends, let's do a little something for ourselves. Let's remember that even in our toughest moments, we are never alone.

I'm ready to learn, laugh, and cry with you all!

Thanks for reading,



  1. I LOVE it!!!!! I'm completely on board and am so glad you're back!

  2. I totally relate to the shower as a shared space thing! Connor likes to read me his latest book while I'm showering. All the while I am reminding myself that someday I will only hope for a 10 year old Connor to be sitting there reading to his Momma. :) At the same time a nice quiet, relaxing shower is so wonderful.

  3. YAY!!So glad you are back to blogging!!! You have a great gift, can't wait to see how this new idea goes!!

  4. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement!! Sara, I totally second your sentiment!


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